Play is the way a child interacts with the world and how they learn as they grow. By helping a child explore different experiences, be curious, and experiment, their self-esteem grows and they can focus on their abilities while continuously increasing their skills through incremental steps. Therapy allows a child to learn how to master activities correctly from the beginning before habits are formed.

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Kim uses a child-centered based approach by closely examining daily life skills, socialization and communication areas to create independence and encourage curiosity. Therapy looks and feels like play. Kim’s focus, while incorporating cognitive goals, is to build self-esteem and develop well-rounded skills in the child. Therapy can either take place at the child’s home, in an office or in their school. Each activity incorporates all the developmental domains, such as: cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, speech, social-emotional, and self-help skills. Each child is unique in their own special way and therapy helps them to blossom.

Therapy helps bridge the gap to reach a child’s full potential; allowing their true spirit to fully shine

Services Available

  • Homeschool
  • One-on-One Special Education Therapy
  • Early Intervention
  • SEIT Services
  • Evaluations for Parents
    • Observations/Recommendations
    • Formal testing with the Day-C
  • Evaluations for Schools
    • Observations/Recommendations
    • Helping teachers to recognize specific needs for their student(s)
    • Create tools to assimilate within the classroom
  • School visits
  • Meetings with Parents and/or Teachers
  • Small social groups
  • Customize to meet the families' needs
  • Referral service for tutors, schools, etc

What Families + Educators Say

"Kim’s sensitivity to the spirit of a child has served as a model for the way that my wife and I interact with our daughter." -Parent

"Kim is one of the fortunate people who has found her calling. She not only loves what she does, but she excels at her job." -Director of Rusk Hospital Rehabilitation Medicine

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About Kim T. Oppenheimer, M.A.

Kim works one-on-one with children who have special needs, ages 6 months to 12 years. She specializes in children with sensory integration, general developmental delays, and those who are medically fragile. As one of the original pioneers in sensory integration techniques, Kim tested and brought these ideas to fruition at Rusk Hospital.

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